DESCRIPTION  A suite of three albums featuring assisted solos with dancers capturing the audio interaction and influence of dancer on sound maker, and vis versa. An ‘assisted solo’ is a solo work derived from interaction between one instrumentalist (myself) and one dancer. The recordings explore what remains of the dancers in the audio content. The project is an extension of the Interplay series of interviews and interaction with fellow practitioners exploring capacity, potential, 'inter-ness', and failure in private practice and co-creating. Excerpts of each dancers discussion can be found on this repository here. The three albums produced as a result of the project are:

SOLOS I:I (Viola) featuring excerpts with dancers and 5-string scordatura viola.

SOLOS I:I (Bass) featuring excerpts with dancers and fretless acoustic bass guitar.

RUPTURE//RAPTURE Featuring extended excerpts of the dancer interactions deemed a failure due to technical mishaps such as a string exploding off the bass guitar, or gaps in attention and connection within the interaction. These two longplay tracks operate metaphorically as an invitation to fully inhabit and surrender to the gap or crack in technical and interpersonal interaction. The resultant works reveal a multiplicity of sonic potential within the altered timelapse framework. 

DANCERS  Cobie Orger  |  Elnaz Sheshgelani  |  Alice Cummins  |  Brendan O'Connor  |  Tony Yap  |  Evgenii Timofeev

LOCATION  Riddells Creek Dance Studio - owned and operated by Alice Cummins and Ross Colliver

INSTRUMENTS  Viola made from Tasmanian Sassafras and Tasmanian Huon Pine. Salvaged from Hobart tip circa 2007 by a relative of luthier Isaac Webb, then apprentice to Benedict Puglisi. The original maker is unknown. I met Isaac in 2009 and commissioned him to complete it as a 5-String viola. The Tasmanian viola became my go-to instrument when my usual concert viola suffered severe damage whilst in rehearsal with dancers at Riddells Creek Studio in April 2015. One year later almost to the day late April 2016 I very intentionally set up for the Assisted Solo recording project on the exact site of the break. This once site of trauma became a site of new work and generative potential.

Bass Cort fretless acoustic bass guitar. I began playing bass in 2011 at the end of a musical partnership, after which I couldn't bear to play my viola for around 6 months. Playing the bass as a beginner brought a refreshing curiosity and playfulness. I use the instrument for its textural sound potential and am not so concerned with technical proficiency or mastery. 

EQUIPMENT  Viola - Fishman pickup, LR Baggs DI, Roland AC33 amp, Bose AC7 shifter. | Bass - Roland Piano amp