The Positivity of Falling/Failing with Evgenii Timofeev by Mavanui


M: So yeah. Hi.

E: Hello. 

E+M: Hehehehehahahahaha!!! 

M: That's a good place to start. 

E+M: Hehehehehahahahaha!!! 

M: gave you...the positivity of falling and it's connection with failing. 

E: Yeah I really like this line. 

M: You like this line?!?! Hahaha!

E: I do. 

M: I was thinking you might. 

E: Ahahaha!!!

M: Yeah.

E: Yeah thank you for that. 

M: Mmm. What do you like about it. 

E: I think It's the...fallen the condition of fallen is...well the start for us as a human being for everyone and in fact's most widespread the...unconditional reflex that is connected another common emotion for a human being which is fear.  

M: Mmm. Mmm hmm. Mmm.

E: Then slight shift from the place of balance triggers the cranial nerve that sends the signals to the motor cortex and you find yourself in this mode of anxiety. 

M: Yeah. And how that connects to the vestibular, inner ear and the vagus nerve and psoas and...

E: And then it all goes in the person but that exist the whole human condition is not-at-ease-any-more. 

M: Not-at-ease-any-more. 

E: Hehehe!

M: Yeah, I like it. Hahahaha! Des...there's some kind of destablising

E: Yeah. And it is, can be associated with failing as well. Since that the same plethora of neuro-muscular hormonal and...parasympathetic reactions happen one finds oneself in failing or not keeping up a certain regime or a certain system of [?] or certain [?]. Interestingly that's...all of it can be in and dance through the condition of falling. Like, re-educating oneself another type of relationship with the ground.

M: Mmm mmm mmm.

E: Allows to undo this. Even though unconditional reflex and be more at ease.