Project Overview

This repository houses the practical work for Myfanwy Hunter's Masters of Fine Art in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice. 

Project Title Assisted Solo: Navigating Relational & Representational Failure in Music-Dance Collaboration 

Abstract This practice-based research asks how failure can be harnesses as a generative tool for locating, articulating, and extending relational and representational capacity in improvised Assisted Solo music-dance collaboration. In the context of this research, the term Assisted Solo is a solo work derived from interaction between one instrumentalist and one dancer. The problematic of defining failure in improvisation is addressed through theoretical discourse on relational and representational aesthetics. Failure in praxis is explored in three inter-related bodies of work. Sounding – three audio albums of assisted solos based on research-informed provocations of failing, falling, convoluting, and capacity. Seeing – a series of photographs and drypoint etchings reflecting thematics of cracks, gaps, rupture, and repair. Intering  21 interactive interviews with creative practitioners exploring the afore-mentioned provocations and thematics. A rhizomatic methodology permits multiple associations between the three bodies of work, Heidegger’s Non-Privative Lacunae, Priest’s Surplus of Failure, and the Japanese concept of Ma – the space between two things or events. The practical and written work coalesce to form an argument in favour of embracing failure as a generative and transformative tool within in the arena of the Assisted Solo musician-dancer collaboration, and related fields of inquiry.

Myfanwy Hunter with dancer Tony Yap.   Assisted Solo Recording Project. April 2016

Myfanwy Hunter with dancer Tony Yap. Assisted Solo Recording Project. April 2016

Student Researcher Myfanwy Hunter

Supervisors Dr Elizabeth Presa & Dr Roger Alsop

Chair Professor Mary Luckhurst

This practice-based research is undertaken through The Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia. The research was awarded First Class Honours in February 2018. View the Written Thesis online here. Download a pdf copy here